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NextHome Cedar Street Realty is a progressive Real Estate Company with consumer focused branding, technology and marketing.  Our service model and competitive programs empower our agents to provide superior service without compromise.

We focus on collaborative partnership and effective product for business development, growth and relevance.  Our agents are the focal point, and the most valuable source of guidance, knowledge and information for buyers and sellers.


NextHome, Inc. created on the foundation with more than 40 years of real estate franchising history, lead by a team experienced in every aspect of our industry/  But history is only as strong as its vision for the future.

We looked at our history, consumer trends, and what a real estate brokerage needs today.  We evaluated our products and services to redefining how a real estate franchise partners with its agents. We began redeveloping, reprogramming and progressing our technology.  We invested, developed, grew and invested some more.

The results is technology, systems, tools, marketing, training and a brand that rises to a whole new level.  We are a comprehensive, progressive franchise company built for today and the future.


To empower you with streamlined systems, effective tools, progressive products and world-class marketing to grow your business.  The consumer is our focal point for evaluation new ideas that can help you capitalize on opportunities for smart strategic growth.

We strive to help you create a foundation for long-term success.  Our team is focused on working with you step by step to implement streamlined operations, strong local branding and increased market share by implementing proven systems for maximum success.


NextHome Cedar Street Realty – What we are About

Cedar Street Realty – The brand was born out of a desire to connect with consumer’s dreams about home ownership…the perfect house, in the perfect neighborhood, on the perfect street….”Cedar Street”.

Outstanding REALTORS help to make those dreams come true. We believe that we are here for one reason…to be of service. We can only be of service if we are exceptional professionals at the top of our game. To be at the top of our game, we must be actively engaged in the market on a daily basis. We only work with REALTORS who make real estate their career. You simply cannot do it any other way and still be exceptional.

We live in the communities we service. We know the neighborhoods we live in.

Our REALTORS are committed to professionalism in all that we do. We treat everyone with consideration and respect. Looking to crush your competition by any means necessary? This isn’t the place for you. Committed to being the BEST you can be and thereby outshining ALL completion? Welcome Home!


We have a goal to set the standard by which all REALTORS in our market are measured.

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